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英 [bæk] 美 [bæk] n. 背,背部;背面,反面;后面,后部;(椅子等的)靠背 vt. 使后退;支持;加背书于;下赌注于 vi. 后退;倒退 adj. 背部的;后面的;以前的;拖欠的 adv. 以前;向后地 网 络 回; 背; 回来; 后 复数:backs 过去式:backed 过去分词:backed 现在分词:backing 第三人称单数:backs 词条标签: CET4 CET6 考研 IELTS 柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典 现代英汉综合大词典 英汉双向大词典 1. ADVERB USES 副词用法 2. NOUN AND ADJECTIVE USES 名词和形容词用法 3. VERB USES 动词用法 ADVERB USES 副词用法 In addition to the uses shown below, back is also used in phrasal verbs such as ‘date back’ and ‘fall back on’. 除下列用法外,back还可用于date back, fall back on 等短语动词中。 1. ADV 副词向后;往后;往回 If you move back, you move in the opposite direction to the one in which you are facing or in which you were moving before. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vThe photographers drew back to let us view the body... 摄影师往后退开,好让我们查看尸体。 She stepped back from the door expectantly... 她满怀期待地从门口退了回来。 He pushed her away and she fell back on the wooden bench... 他把她推开,她向后跌坐到长木椅上。 She pushes back her chair and stands. 她把椅子往后一推,站了起来。 2. ADV 副词回到原处 If you go back somewhere, you return to where you were before. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vI went back to bed... 我回到床上。 I'm due back in London by late afternoon... 我预计下午晚些时候回到伦敦。 Smith changed his mind and moved back home... 史密斯改变主意,搬回家了。 I'll be back as soon as I can... 我会尽快回来。 He made a round-trip to the terminal and back. 他到了终点,又折回来。 3. ADV 副词恢复原状;回到原来的状态 If someone or something is back in a particular state, they were in that state before and are now in it again. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vThe rail company said it expected services to get slowly back to normal... 铁路公司表示,其运输服务将慢慢恢复正常。 Denise hopes to be back at work by the time her daughter is one... 丹尼丝希望等女儿满周岁就回去工作。 Having recently bought an old typewriter, I am now trying to bring it back into working order. 我刚买了一台旧打字机,正想办法让它能够重新正常工作。 4. ADV 副词归还;交还;放回;收回 If you give or put something back, you return it to the person who had it or to the place where it was before you took it. If you get or take something back, you then have it again after not having it for a while. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vShe handed the knife back... 她递还刀子。 Put it back in the freezer... 把它放回冰箱。 You'll get your money back. 钱会还给你的。 5. ADV 副词(将钟表)拨回 If you put a clock or watch back, you change the time shown on it so that it shows an earlier time, for example when the time changes to winter time or standard time. 【搭配模式】:ADV after v6. ADV 副词回应(来信、电话、目光等) If you write or call back, you write to or telephone someone after they have written to or telephoned you. If you look back at someone, you look at them after they have started looking at you. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vThey wrote back to me and they told me that I didn't have to do it... 他们回信告诉我说不必那么做。 If the phone rings say you'll call back after dinner... 如果有电话打来,就说你吃完饭再回电话。 Lee looked at Theodora. She stared back. 李看着西奥多拉,她也回视着他。 7. ADV 副词回到(某个话题) You can say that you go or come back to a particular point in a conversation to show that you are mentioning or discussing it again. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vCan I come back to the question of policing once again?... 我能再回到维护治安的问题上来吗? To come back to what I said in the Introduction, in the nineteenth century Spain was fully a part of Europe... 回到我在导言中所说的,19世纪的西班牙是欧洲整体的一部分。 Going back to the school, how many staff are there? 回到学校这话题上来,教职员工有多少人? 8. ADV 副词再次流行;再度成为潮流 If something is or comes back, it is fashionable again after it has been unfashionable for some time. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vShort skirts are back... 短裙又流行起来了。 Consensus politics could easily come back into fashion. 共识政治很可能再度兴起。 9. ADV 副词在一段距离之外 If someone or something is kept or situated back from a place, they are at a distance away from it. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vKeep back from the edge of the platform... 请勿靠近站台边缘。 I'm a few miles back from the border... 我距离边境数英里。 He started for Dot's bedroom and Myrtle held him back. 他正要去多特的卧室,被默特尔拦住了。 10. ADV 副词收拢;拢起;束起 If something is held or tied back, it is held or tied so that it does not hang loosely over something. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vHer hair was tied back... 她的头发扎了起来。 The curtains were held back by tassels. 窗帘用穗子拢了起来。 11. ADV 副词(舒适地)向后仰 If you lie or sit back, you move your body backwards into a relaxed sloping or flat position, with your head and body resting on something. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vShe lay back and stared at the ceiling... 她躺下盯着天花板。 She leaned back in her chair and smiled. 她靠在椅背上,微笑起来。 12. ADV 副词回头,转身(看或喊) If you look or shout back at someone or something, you turn to look or shout at them when they are behind you. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vNick looked back over his shoulder and then stopped, frowning... 尼克回头看了看,又皱着眉头停了下来。 He called back to her. 他转身叫她。 13. ADV 副词(表示描述场所的转换)在曾提到过的地方 You use back in expressions like back in London or back at the house when you are giving an account, to show that you are going to start talking about what happened or was happening in the place you mention. 【搭配模式】:ADV with vMeanwhile, back in London, Palace Pictures was collapsing... 与此同时,伦敦的皇宫影业公司也正在分崩离析。 Later, back at home, the telephone rang. 随后,家里的电话响了。 14. ADV 副词以前;过去;追溯至 If you talk about something that happened back in the past or several years back, you are emphasizing that it happened quite a long time ago. 【搭配模式】:ADV with v 【语用信息】:emphasisThe story starts back in 1950, when I was five... 故事可以追溯到1950年,那时我才5岁。 I was in St. Lucia back in January of this year... 今年1月份我在圣卢西亚。 He contributed £50m to the project a few years back. 几年前,他向这个项目捐资了5,000万英镑。 15. ADV 副词回想;回忆 If you think back to something that happened in the past, you remember it or try to remember it. 【搭配模式】:ADV after vI thought back to the time in 1975 when my son was desperately ill... 我回想起1975年我儿子病得奄奄一息的那段时间。 My mind flew back to stories I had heard about Vinnie. 我回想起曾听到过的关于文妮的那些传闻。 16. PHRASE 短语来回;往返 If someone moves back and forth, they repeatedly move in one direction and then in the opposite direction. 【搭配模式】:PHR after vHe paced back and forth... 他来回踱步。 Two boys were in the street, tossing a baseball back and forth. 两个男孩在街上来来回回地投接棒球。 17. to cast your mind back→see: mind; NOUN AND ADJECTIVE USES 名词和形容词用法 1. N-COUNT 可数名词背(部);后背;脊背 A person's or animal's back is the part of their body between their head and their legs that is on the opposite side to their chest and stomach. 【搭配模式】:oft poss NHer son was lying peacefully on his back... 她儿子安静地仰面躺着。 She turned her back to the audience... 她转过身背对着观众。 Three of the victims were shot in the back... 其中三名受害者背部中枪。 He threw the old cloth saddle across the donkey's back. 他把旧布鞍搭在驴背上。 2. N-COUNT 可数名词后面;后部 The back of something is the side or part of it that is towards the rear or farthest from the front. The back of something is normally not used or seen as much as the front. 【搭配模式】:usu sing...a room at the back of the shop... 商店后部的一个房间 She raised her hands to the back of her neck... 她举起双手放于颈后。 Smooth the mixture with the back of a soup spoon... 用汤勺的背面把混合料抹平。 Her room was on the third floor, at the back. 她的房间在三楼靠后的位置。 3. ADJ 形容词后面的;后部的 Back is used to refer to the side or part of something that is towards the rear or farthest from the front. 【搭配模式】:ADJ nHe opened the back door... 他打开了后门。 Ann could remember sitting in the back seat of their car. 安记得自己坐在他们车的后座上。 ...the back room of a pub in Camden. 在卡姆登的一个酒吧后面的房间 ...the path leading to the back garden. 通往后花园的小径 4. N-COUNT 可数名词(椅子或沙发的)靠背 The back of a chair or sofa is the part that you lean against when you sit on it. 【搭配模式】:usu singThere was a neatly folded pink sweater on the back of the chair. 椅子的靠背上搭着一件叠得整整齐齐的粉色毛衫。 5. N-COUNT 可数名词(纸、信封等的)反面,背面 The back of something such as a piece of paper or an envelope is the side which is less important. 【搭配模式】:the NSend your answers on the back of a postcard. 将答案写在明信片背面寄出。 6. N-COUNT 可数名词(书等的)末尾 The back of a book is the part nearest the end, where you can find the index or the notes, for example. 【搭配模式】:the N...the index at the back of the book... 书末索引 You've given a whole list of names and addresses at the back. 你已经在末尾完整地列出了名字和地址。 7. N-SING 单数名词(用于round the back, out the back等表达方式中)房屋(或其他建筑物)后的区域 You can use back in expressions such as round the back and out the back to refer generally to the area behind a house or other building. 【搭配模式】:prep the N 【语域标签】:BRIT 英 【STYLE标签】:SPOKEN 口语He had chickens and things round the back... 他在房子后面养了些鸡啊什么的。 The privy's out the back. 厕所在房子后面。 8. N-UNCOUNT 不可数名词(用于out back等表达方式中)房屋(或其他建筑物)后的区域;(用于in back等表达方式中)汽车(或建筑物等)的后部 You use back in expressions such as out back to refer to the area behind a house or other building. You also use in back to refer to the rear part of something, especially a car or building. 【搭配模式】:prep N 【语域标签】:AM 美Dan informed her that he would be out back on the patio cleaning his shoes... 丹告诉她说他要去房子后面的露台上擦鞋。 Catlett got behind the wheel and I sat in back... 卡特利特开车,我坐在车子后面。 She hurried to the kitchen in back of the store. 她赶紧进到商店后面的厨房。 9. N-COUNT 可数名词(足球、曲棍球等运动中的)后卫 In team games such as football and hockey, a back is a player who is concerned mainly with preventing the other team from scoring goals, rather than scoring goals for their own team. 10. N-COUNT 可数名词(美式橄榄球运动中的)进攻后卫 In American football, a back is a player who stands behind the front line, runs with the ball and attacks rather than defends. 11. PHRASE 短语背着(某人) If you say that something was done behind someone's back, you disapprove of it because it was done without them knowing about it, in an unfair or dishonest way. 【搭配模式】:PHR after v 【语用信息】:disapprovalYou eat her food, enjoy her hospitality and then criticize her behind her back. 你吃着她的食物,享受着她的款待,然后还在背地里指责她。 12. PHRASE 短语完成…最困难的部分 If you break the back of a task or problem, you do the most difficult part of what is necessary to complete the task or solve the problem. 【搭配模式】:V inflectsIt seems at least that we've broken the back of inflation in this country... 看起来至少我们已经解决了这个国家通货膨胀中最棘手的问题。 We can deliver supplies and work to break the back of the famine. 我们可以运送物资,努力解决饥荒中最关键的问题。 13. PHRASE 短语接连地;连续地 If two or more things are done back to back, one follows immediately after the other without any interruption. ...two half-hour shows, which will be screened back to back. 连续播放的两档半小时节目 14. PHRASE 短语(衣服)前后穿反;(顺序)前后颠倒 If you are wearing something back to front, you are wearing it with the back of it at the front of your body. If you do something back to front, you do it the wrong way around, starting with the part that should come last. 【搭配模式】:PHR after v 【语域标签】:mainly BRIT 主英He wears his baseball cap back to front... 他把棒球帽反戴着。 The picture was printed back to front. 图片印反了。 in AM, use 美国英语用 backward 15. PHRASE 短语不再(对某人)批评(或施压等) If you tell someone to get off your back you are telling them angrily to stop criticizing you or putting pressure on you. 【搭配模式】:V inflects 【STYLE标签】:INFORMAL 非正式He kept on at me to such an extent that occasionally I wished he would get off my back. 他一直对我唠叨个没完,有时我真希望他不要再烦我了。 16. PHRASE 短语紧跟着;紧接着 If you say that one thing happens on the back of another thing, you mean that it happens after that other thing and in addition to it. The cuts, if approved, come on the back of a difficult eight years that have seen three London fire stations closed. 8年的艰难时期刚刚过去,在此期间,伦敦有3家消防站遭关闭。如获批准,裁减又会接踵而至。 17. PHRASE 短语(使)受到威胁;(使)处于不利地位 If someone is on the back foot, or if something puts them on the back foot, they feel threatened and act defensively. From now on Labour will be on the back foot on the subject of welfare. 今后工党在福利问题上将处于下风。 ...another scheme designed purely to put the Scots Nationalists on the back foot. 另一项纯粹旨在让苏格兰民族党人被迫退居守势的计划 18. PHRASE 短语互相帮助;与人方便,与己方便 People say 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' to mean that one person helps another on condition that the second person helps them in return. 【STYLE标签】:INFORMAL 非正式19. PHRASE 短语希望(某人)离开 If you say that you will be glad to see the back of someone, you mean that you want them to leave. 【搭配模式】:PHR n 【语域标签】:BRIT 英 【STYLE标签】:INFORMAL 非正式I was so badly behaved I was convinced she would be glad to see the back of me. 我的表现如此差劲,相信她会很高兴看到我离开。 20. PHRASE 短语忽略;背弃;拒绝;对…不予理睬 If you turn your back on someone or something, you ignore them, leave them, or reject them. 【搭配模式】:V inflectsStacey Lattisaw has turned her back on her singing career with Motown Records to become a gospel singer... 斯泰茜·拉蒂索抛弃了自己在摩城唱片公司的演唱事业,成为了一名福音歌手。 Gunnell is not the sort to turn her back on someone who has coached her for 12 years. 冈内尔不是那种将指导了自己12年的教练拒之门外的人。 21. PHRASE 短语使生气;触怒;惹恼 If someone or something puts your back up or gets your back up, they annoy you. 【搭配模式】:V inflects 【STYLE标签】:INFORMAL 非正式Some food labelling practices really get my back up. 有些食物标签的贴法实在让我生气。 22. off the back of a lorry→see: lorry; to take a back seat→see: seat; to have your back to the wall→see: wall; VERB USES 动词用法 1. VERB 动词背对;背向;背朝 If a building backs onto something, the back of it faces in the direction of that thing or touches the edge of that thing. 【语法信息】:V onto nWe live in a ground floor flat which backs onto a busy street... 我们住在一楼的一套公寓房里,背对着一条繁忙的街道。 His garden backs onto a school. 他的花园背朝一所学校。 2. V-ERG 及物/不及物动词倒(车);倒退 When you back a car or other vehicle somewhere or when it backs somewhere, it moves backwards. 【语法信息】:V n prep/adv 【语法信息】:V prep/adv 【语法信息】:V 【语法信息】:Also V nHe backed his car out of the drive... 他把车倒出了私人车道。 The train backed out of Adelaide Yard on to the Dublin-Belfast line... 火车倒出了阿德莱德调车场,开上了都柏林-贝尔法斯特线。 I heard the engines revving as the lorries backed and turned. 卡车倒车和掉头的时候,我听见发动机的轰鸣声。 3. VERB 动词支持;资助 If you back a person or a course of action, you support them, for example by voting for them or giving them money. 【语法信息】:V nThere is a new witness to back his claim that he is a victim of mistaken identity. 有新的目击证人证明他的说法,他是被错认了。 ...if France cannot persuade all five permanent members of the Security Council to back the plan... 如果法国不能说服安理会五个常任理事国都支持该计划 The Prime Minister is backed by the civic movement, Public Against Violence. 首相得到“全民反暴力”公民运动的支持。 -backed ...government-backed loans to Egypt. 向埃及提供的政府贷款 4. VERB 动词预测…获胜;(通常指)下赌注于 If you back a particular person, team, or horse in a competition, you predict that they will win, and usually you bet money that they will win. 【语法信息】:V n to-inf 【语法信息】:V nRoland Nilsson last night backed Sheffield Wednesday to win the UEFA Cup... 昨晚罗兰·尼尔森打赌谢菲尔德周三队会捧得欧洲联盟杯。 The horse's owner Mr Hitchins backed him at 200-1 to finish in the first three... 马的主人希钦斯先生以200比1的赔率赌它获得前三名。 It is upsetting to discover that you have backed a loser. 发现自己的投注对象输了是一件让人心烦的事。 5. VERB 动词为…伴奏(或伴唱) If a singer is backed by a band or by other singers, they provide the musical background for the singer. 【语法信息】:be V-ed by n 【搭配模式】:usu passiveShe was backed by acoustic guitar, bass and congas. 原声吉他、贝斯和康茄鼓为她伴奏。 6. See also: backing; 相关词组: back away back down back off back out back up 行业释义 英英释义 缩略语 网络释义 体育 | 医学 | 土木工程 | 电力 | 药学 | 解剖学 1.后卫 1.背,背部:躯干从颈至骨盆的后部 1.回填: back-filling 1.背靠背换流站: back-to-back converter substation 2.背靠背启动: back-to-back starting 又称“同步对拖启动”。 3.背压式汽轮机: back-pressure turbine 4.逆火: back-fire 5.背压调节器: back-pressure regulator 1.背 2.躯体后面,颈以下、腰以上的部位。 1.背, 又称 :背(Dorsum(拉)), 又称:背(Dorsum(拉)) 双语例句 词组习语 同反义词 同义词辨析 语源派生 1. He often speaks ill of me behind my back. 他常在背后说我的坏话。 来自《简明英汉词典》 2. The wind moved the trees gently back and forth. 风吹得树轻轻地来回摇晃。 来自《简明英汉词典》 3. In a TV interview she hit back at her critics. 她在接受电视采访时,反驳了那些批评者的观点。 来自《简明英汉词典》




back 英[bæk] 美[bæk] n. 背,背部; 背面,反面; 后面,后部; (椅子等的) 靠背; vt. 使后退; 支持; 加背书于; 下赌注于; vi. 后退; 倒退; [例句]The photographers drew back to let us view the body 摄影师往后退开,好让我们查看尸体。 [其他] 第三人称单数:backs 复数:backs 现在分词:backing 过去式:backed过去分词:backed