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There are various kinds of jobs in the world, such as writing, nursing, teaching and engineering. But different people choose different jobs as their ideal careers. This is because everyone has his own interest. As for me, I have made up my mind to be a solicitor.There are two main reasons for my choosing this.First, I want to help the innocent people out of guilty. Since I have seen many innocent people being scapegoats of the true criminals in the films ,I decide to avoid this cases in the reality.Second, this is a well-paid and promising job. Although I have to confess that this job may be much more difficult to do it well, the handsome wage and excellent treatment give me the stimulus to pursue it. To realize my dream, I have to make full use of the leisure time to acquire the essential knowledge to become one of the best in this field. Meanwhile, I will try to practise my eloquence because it's a a indispensible element for me to be qualified for such a excellent occupation. lz纯手工,望笑纳。 译文: 有各类在世界上的工作,例如写作,护理,教学和工程。但是不同的人作为自己理想的职业选择不同的工作。这是因为每个人都有自己的利益。 至于我,我已经下决心成为一名律师了。原因有二。首先,我想帮助那些无辜的人摆脱强加的罪名。我曾在影片中看到许多无辜的人成了真正罪犯的替罪羊。我就决定在现实中避免遇到这种情况。其二,这是一个很有前途的高薪的工作。尽管我必须承认这个工作想做好要非常困难,但其高薪和优待深深地刺激着我去追求这个职位。 为了实现这个梦想,我必须充分利用我的闲暇时间去获取必要的知识以至于在这个行业中脱颖而出。与此同时,我要锻炼我的口才,因为这是不可或缺的因素对于这个行业。


My ideal is a reporter (我的理想是当记者) Ideal is the beacon life navigation. Every person should have his own ideal. Some people have become scientists or the astronomers yes I would, some people just want to do an ordinary workers, people's teacher. My ideal is to be a reporter. Whenever I see TV wars, the true love scene, I naturally think of war reporter of the credit. With their lives bets, unarmed in the battlefield to wander, just to win people the feeling of peace. In television, sports games was in full swing, in addition to the athletes, who has the same hard? It is a reporter. The dog, they in the camera busy trying, but people in the big shout "wonderful" at the same time, see the glory of the athletes, forget the reporters sweat. They also is tired. In fact, most of the time not people forget to reporters, but reporters to firmly "hidden" rise. I admire the reporter's silent and selfless, at the same time, a ideal seed germination in my heart. I think: the reporter, is a glorious career. Since the childhood, my ideal has been changed: scientists, the police, the driver...... But it only in "reporter" two words make on for several years. If I become a reporter, I will do everything in my power to the latest news for the audience. Maybe I can't become a famous journalists, but I will still be in only on the position of the struggle. Where there is news, I rushed to where, for the first time as the audience brought the events. I want to let only lens stopped at the great river north and south. If there are conditions, I'll be out of an autobiography, to let everyone know that's journalist is not easy. There were no press, people cannot understand quickly national and international affairs, also do not have the slang is the talk of after-dinner speaking, that way of life how disappointing! The parents said to me, the reporter is eat rice of youth, wait old you have is place. And, I also know as a journalist, will be rejected by many people, don't understand. But no matter what, I love the media business. In order to achieve my ideal, I should as a child study well, strive for the goal of from I step closer! 我的理想是记者(我的理想什么当记者) 理想是指路明灯生活导航。每个人都应该有自己的理想。有些人已成为科学家或天文学家是的,我想,有些人只想做一个普通的工人,人民教师。我的理想是成为一名记者。 每当我看到电视的战争中,真正的爱情戏,我自然会想到战争信贷的记者。与他们的生命赌注,在战场上徘徊手无寸铁,只是为了赢得人民的和平的感觉。在电视,体育比赛如火如荼,除了运动员,谁拥有相同的硬盘吗?这是记者。狗,他们在忙着相机,但人们在大呼“精彩”的同时,看到运动员的荣耀,忘记了记者的汗水。他们还累。事实上,大部分时间没有人忘记了记者,但记者坚定地“隐藏”的崛起。我很佩服记者的沉默和无私,在同一时间,在我心中理想的种子发芽。我认为:记者,是一个光荣的职业。 从小到大,我的理想已经改变:科学家,警察,司机......但它只是在“记者”两个字就几年。如果我成为一名记者,我会尽我的力量,一切以观众的最新消息。也许我不能成为一个著名的记者,但我仍然是斗争的立场上。哪里有消息,我赶到的地方,第一次为观众带来的事件。我想要让镜头只停在伟大的大江南北。如果没有条件,我会出一本自传,让大家知道的记者是不容易的。有没有记者,人们不能迅速了解国家和国际事务中,也没有俚语,是茶余饭后的谈话,如何令人失望,生活方式! 父母对我说,记者是吃青春饭,等待老你有地方。而且,我也知道作为一名记者,很多人将被拒绝,不明白。但无论怎样,我爱媒体业务。为了实现我的理想,我作为一个孩子的学习,努力从我迈进了一步的目标! My ideal would like and occupational Everyone has their own ideals, their dreams, I am certainly no exception myself, that is ----- When a teacher A co-teacher is the ideal of childhood, I must grow up, but to achieve this ideal is also a very easy thing. I must learn to primary school middle and high schools must Shanghao to fight admitted to a graduate teacher university, because the only way to achieve my ideal of childhood. Every one of our teachers are very good, especially our class teacher Zhao, her homeroom teacher a sense of responsibility is very strong, their classes are often disobedient, Zhao teachers get very angry but, Zhao is calm tell them truth, I have to work out one after Zhao learning, when a qualified teacher of the people. This is my ideal and my career. 我的理想想和职业 人人都有自己的理想,有自己的梦想,我当然也不例外喽,那就是-----当一名人民教师 一名合教师就是我从小的理想,我长大后一定要实现,但是,实现这个理想也是一件很不容易的事情。我现在一定要好好学习,把小学初中和高中一定要上好,争取考上一个毕业后能当老师的大学,因为只有这样,才可以实现我从小的理想。 我们的每一位老师都非常的优秀,尤其是我们班的赵老师,她我们班的班主任责任心非常的强,们班常常有人不听话,把赵老师弄得非常生气可是,赵老师还是心平气和的跟他们讲道理,我一后也要想赵老师学习,当一名合格的人民教师。 这就是我的理想和我的职业。


Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Ideal Job.You should write no less than 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1.人们对职业各有不同的理想; 2.我理想的职业是什么; 3.我怎样为我理想的职业做准备. Remember to Write your composition neatly. My Ideal Job there are various kinds of jobs in the world,such as writing,nursing,teaching and engineering.But different people choose different jobs as their ideal careers.This is because everyone has his own interest. As for me,I have made up my mind to be a teacher.I choose to do so mainly for three reasons.First,I want to teach because I like the pace of academic calendar.Two long vacations offer me an opportunity for reflection,research and writing.Secondly,I want to teach because I like the freedom to make my own mistakes,to learn my own lesson,to stimulate myself and my students.And I can have the opportunity to keep on learning.Finally,I want to teach because,being around the students who are beginning to grow and change in front of me,I will grow and change with them too.But teaching is no easy job at all.I must study cleverly to obtain more knowledge.And,at the same time,I will make every effort to purify my soul so that I can become an architect of man's soul 我辛辛苦苦查的资料,你就这样子,你们审核就是刁钻 参考资料 作业帮:https://www.zybang.com/question/4348264a7729832f15f5552a3a334174.html


I am an ordinary person, I have an ordinary dream: Is a doctor.Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain.May let the human change the health. At the same time, I believed that, will help others, own also to be able to obtain joyfully. Therefore, I hoped future I might be a doctor.

我理想的职业英文作文(my idea creer)

理想的应该用它的形容词 ideal